Yes there is! If 3 or more immediate family members are signing up for the event, there will be a 10% off total bill. Terms & Condition apply. Please contact our HQ @ 6256 0111 or 9111 6287 for more information.
The Seminar is Open to Public and it is free for spectators-viewing only. There shall/should be a spectators gallery or designated area for them.

He is however encourage to join Aikido, and sign up for the event, as that’s where the fun and spirit of Aikido really is 🙂

Registration opens at 1200hrs noon, Seminar 1 commence at 1300hrs. you can obtain full schedule information from your instructor/leader, ASK HQ or from our official facebook page here: https://goo.gl/fpx3WW
Even if you miss a day seminar, The SuperPackage is still more worth it and value for money compared to the Ala Carte. in addition, you still get a Special Gift Pack (worth over $100) which includes a Free Training Dogi Top, T-shirt & Cloth bag, etc.
For Special Gift Pack, there is an additional Training Dogi Top ✨.
Waka Sensei is the great grandson of the Founder of Aikido, Heir to Aikikai Aikido World leadership. He will be making his first exclusive visit to Aikido Shinju-Kai. This is also the first time a significant Aikido leader is visiting Singapore.
Waka Sensei has been arranged to present both the Grading Certificates and Certificate of Participation.

Do not hesitate to contact me or ASK HQ should you have any other questions.

Note: Early Bird Discounts ends on 30th September 2017. (Paying by installment is available)