Advanced Class

The Advanced class is only for 2nd kyu grade, black belt and above, and is taken by our Founder and Chief Instructor of Aikido Shinju-Kai, Philip Lee Shihan (Aikikai, 6th Dan) and/or the senior Senseis in Shinju-Kai.


It is a class for students who wish/seek to understand Aikido on a much deeper level.
It will enable students to have a heightened sense of awareness and philosophy of Aikido. It embodies the essence of harmonizing aggression and incoming force with a calm mind, which are necessary qualities and factors needed to overcome and handle multiple attackers w/o weapons.


  • Students will get more Active. Stronger family and friendship bonding through Aikido philosophy and methodology.
  • Better manage stress, violence or even Work/School-related issues with a calm, peaceful and a more harmonious approach/mindset
    Find balance in life (between Family-School-and Work).
  • Learn to respect and care for one another.
  • Build Self Confidence and self-esteem which could allow them to be effective leaders in the future.
  • Understanding of oneself. Parents also get to understand their children better and vice versa.
  • In addition to health and fitness benefits, Aikido’s philosophy and principles foster development of character through active practice of martial arts etiquette, respect and awareness of fellow participants, and peer-to-peer learning.

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