Membership Fees

You will need to decide which Dojo you wish to join on a regular basis.
This will be your Principal Dojo.

Please fill up a copy of the Membership Application Form and bring 2 current photos along.

You will need to pay these fees when you sign up:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Membership Registration Fee

    (includes Membership Book & Student Handbook)

  • Connector.Connector.

    Membership Fees

    Pro-rated when you first join and subsequently collected annually

  • Connector.Connector.

    Training Fees

    Paid directly at the Dojo periodically

You will also need to purchase these:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Training Attire

    The set consists of a jacket, pants and belt

Contact us one week before your first class to arrange for the attire to be brought to the Dojo for your first lesson.

Need another reason to join as a member?

50% discount on training fees

Celebrating year 2016 with much positive-ness, ASK is giving you a 50% discount off your training fees at the CCs when you register one of two packages at our Headquarters.

1. All Session Package (Unlimited Sessions)
2. Flexi Package (12 Sessions)

Email for more information.

Please present proof of payment from the CC before registering for the All Session Package at ASK HQ

Training Fees for:
Headquarters Dojo & Delta Sports Complex Dojo

All Fees shown are GST inclusive

Unlimited Training Session Pass


3 Months / 1 Term

Once-A-Week Training Session Pass


3 Months / 1 Term

Single Session Pass / Trial Class Pass


1 Class

HQ 20-Session Pass*


For 20 Sessions

HQ 10-Session Pass*


For 10 Sessions

HQ 5-Session Pass*


For 5 Sessions

*You will need to hold a Principle Training Card at your Principal Dojo to be eligible to purchase a HQ 20/10/5-Session Pass.

Please contact us for training fees at all other Dojos.

View our dojos here.

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