2019 Aikido Shinju-Kai's Yearly Calendar

Date Event
1 Jan Keiko Hajime Celebration at ASK HQ
4th - 7th Feb Chinese New Year Closure
17 Feb Instructors' Annual CNY Get Together
5 Mar Annual Affiliation Visit (Malaysia - Johor Bahru)
17 Mar ASK Adult Grading
24 Mar Experience Aikido 2019 Workshop
7 Apr ASK Children Grading
13 Apr AikiForest - Combined Grading
19 Apr Good Friday - Workshop at ASK HQ
(Leaders' Chill Out Session at Headquarters)
Location: HQ Time: 5.00pm - 8.30pm. RSVP by 29 Mar 2019
1 May ASK Zenshin (4th Kyu & above)
3-13 May Annual Affiliation Visit (China- Beijing, Shandong & Dalian)
16-22 May Seminar in Romania (18th & 19th May)
23-28 May Seminar in Athens, Greece (25th & 26th May)
1-5 Jun Seminar in Newport Beach, California LA (1st & 2nd Jun)
5 Jun Hari Raya Puasa - Workshop at ASK HQ
15-16 Jun Annual Affiliation Visit (China- Chengdu)
16 Jun ASK Adult Grading & ASK East Adult/Children Grading
6 Jul Annual Affiliation Visit (Malaysia- Johor Bahru)
14 Jul 10th Youth Aikido Meet (YAM)
19-23 Jul Seminar at Binus University (Indonesia- Jakarta)
3 Aug AikiForest - Combined Grading
11 Aug ASK Children Grading
23-28 Aug Annual Affiliation Visit (China- Shenzhen)
7-8 Sep Annual Affiliation Visit (Indonesia- Batam)
15 Sep ASK Adult Grading
19-25 Sep 10th International Friendship Seminar in Canada- Toronto (21st & 22nd Sept)
28 Sep All Shanghai Aikido Seminar (China- Shanghai)
9-15 Oct White Rose Aikikai 40th Anniversary Celebration in UK- Yorkshire (12th & 13 Oct)
20 Oct 7th All ASK DEMO 2019
28 Oct Annual Instructor Retreat & Get Together Session
(Venue and Time to be advised at a later date. RSVP By 30 Sep 2019)
8-12 Nov Annual Affiliation Visit (Surabaya)
9 Nov AikiForest - Combined Grading
14-19 Nov The Dawning of A New Age' 2nd Seminar in China- Shanghai (16th & 17th Nov)
22-30 Nov ASK China Exchange Program at ASK HQ
3 Dec Annual Affiliation Visit (Malaysia- Johor Bahru)
6-16 Dec Annual Affiliation Visit (China- Shandong, Dalian & Beijing)
8 Dec ASK Children Grading
14/15 Dec Aikidz Holiday Event
22 Dec ASK Adult Grading & ASK East Adult/Children Grading

Note: Programmes listed above are subjected to last minute changes without prior notifications.